Research Studentships

From: Ian Campbell (
Date: Tue Jan 30 2001 - 18:20:16 EET

Dear Colleagues

Research studentships (fees plus maintenance) will be available at
Loughborough University from October 2001. My area of research covered by
these studentships is outlined below. If you are interested in undertaking
a PhD in this area (or know someone who may be interested), please contact
me as soon as possible.

Best regards

Ian Campbell

Research area - Implementation technologies for user-driven design
A range of computer-based technologies have become widely used in the new
product development process over the past decade. These include parametric
CAD systems, virtual reality, non-contact scanning systems and rapid
prototyping. The aim of this research is to combine these with other
technologies that are currently emerging, e.g. virtual sculpting,
holographic presentation, to determine how much further the product user
can be brought into the initial stages of the design process.

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