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Take a look at the CopyCAD web site ( <>
or <> ). There is some information in
there which may be of some use to you.
If you are after some more detailed information, then please don't hesitate
to contact me directly. I have some presentation and materials which may be
of use.
I hope this helps
Chris L

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I don't know of any books on the subject. But I've found the VX Vision to
be the best CAD system for this type of work. It is very good at generating
surfaces through point clouds. Since it is a true hybrid surface/solid
modeler, the resulting surfaces are fully integrated into the parametric
history. They behave just like any other parametric feature in terms of
regenerating, boolean commands, referencing, 2-d drawings, etc.


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Could anyone suggest a paper or book that would give us a good idea of what
proceedures or techniques to taking point cloud data and surfaces to
parametric designs. We presently have purchased a geometric modeling book,
but would like to know better how to get a model from a point cloud to true
editable information. This may sound not to clear, but it still may be a
in rear to go backwards from point cloud data. Presently we are looking at
software to get the nurbs or polygon data., but how can we improve our
efforts in the cad world.
thanks for the comments and past help to all

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