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Date: Wed Jan 31 2001 - 01:12:53 EET

It just so happens that we have at least one vendor in our network who
specializes in that sort of work. They use a laser cutter to cut and etch
thin plastic sheets for architectural models. They work with many
architectural firms here in Chicago. Please contact me directly for more

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Hi, here's a question. I met someone in Rhode Island who makes small
- paperweight-sized - models of buildings, working from blueprints.
He's doing it by hand now, and there is curiosity as to whether
prototyping would be better.

The first step, then, is getting from the blueprints to the CAD model.
There must be a person who specializes in this kind of job, or at
least who has done it before.

Maybe somebody here can put me in touch with that person?


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