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a more complete description is given in:

"Rapid prototyping of small size objects"
A. Bertsch, P. Bernhard, C. Vogt and P. Renaud
Rapid Prototyping Journal, Vol. 6, No. 4 (2000), pp. 259 - 267

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Elaine Hunt wrote:

> Microstereolithography: A new process to build complex 3D objects
> Author Beluze, Laurence. Bertsch, Arnaud. Renaud, Philippe.
> Source Proceedings of Spie - the International Society for Optical
> Engineering. v 3680 n II 1999. p 808-817.
> Abstract In this paper, a new microstereolithography apparatus is
> described. It is an integral process in which a complete layer can be made
> in one exposure only, in contrast to vector-by-vector
> processes which are based on the vectorial tracing of each layer. As for
> most microstereolithography processes, complex objects can be realized by
> superimposing layers, each layer being obtained by a
> light-induced polymerization of a liquid resin. The vertical and transverse
> resolution of the process we are developping have been measured. Complex in
> shape objects have been realized: small 3D
> polymer components have been built such as turbines, microsprings, or
> micropipes. They are composed of a large number of layers with a resolution
> better than 5 mu m in the 3 directions of space. Some
> of these objects serve to demonstrate that complex in shape 3D objects can
> be manufactured with this technology. Sample structures which can be used
> in microfluidics, microrobotics or in the biomedical
> field are presented.
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