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Date: Wed Jan 31 2001 - 12:38:19 EET

Nik / Potential users of direct AIM,

I like good old SL5170 myself, the key (and it may sound obvious - but it
amazes me how many people forget this) is to remember that epoxy is NOT a
metal and so it responds and should be treated completely differently to
metals when used for injection moulding.


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You can find the materials data at

It does not matter very much which resin you use for Direct AIM tools but do
not use the high temperature resins as they are too brittle and the inserts
crack when the tools are closed!
We have moulded several polymers in these tools - PP, ABS, PA, 30 glass
filled PA and also PEEK.



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Subject: mechanical properties

Dear all,

                Please can anybody help, I am looking for two things

                        1. what are the mechanical properties of the resin
used in the direct aim process
                        2. Why has ketool got a size limitation, is due to
the different shrink rates during the process
regards nik

many thanks in advance

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