Re: mechanical properties

From: Glyn Churchman (
Date: Wed Jan 31 2001 - 20:20:33 EET

Bathsheba and list,

I did castings for a guy in Houston, TX who had developed a process and software capable
of creating solids and then SLAs from images and CAD work. I did quite a few urethane
castings of downtown Houston where it all fit on a 10"x10" format. I also cast individual
building that were 2" to 12" tall and had quite a bit of detail.

I cannot recommend anyone doing business with this person so I will not give his name.
I'm thinking there was someone else with the capability of doing this or similar......

If you want to contact me privately I will discuss this further. Perhaps he would be
willing to license or sell his process. It seemed to have great promise and it worked. I
just don't know how labor intensive it was. As far as I know he never got beyond doing
Houston, but said he was in the process of "plotting" other cities.

Glyn @ Prototech, Inc.

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