Any news on Micromod, Autostrade?

From: Haiko Hebig (
Date: Thu Feb 01 2001 - 03:41:26 EET

Checking the market for lower-priced Concept Modelers, once comes across a
variety of machines, two of which being the Micromod WeaveR and the
Autostrade E-Darts Solid Printer.

Micromod RP Ltd. from Israel ( wants
to build a desktop machine employing a combinination of FDM and
photopolymerization. However, their webpage seems to be pretty static, the
Castle Island Directory ( has
them listed under "Miscellaneous and/or Uncommercialized Technologies", and
so far I haven't heard anything yet about a beta or final machine - does
anyone have news on this system, or can it be considered "dead"?

Autostrade Co. Ltd. from Japan
( launched a very neat
desktop SLA system called E-Darts Solid Printer back in 1998, and apparently
they have sold more than 60 yet. However, they seem to serve the Japanese and
Korean markets only - did anyone hear about an E-Darts system in Europe yet?

Thanks for your help,
Haiko Hebig

University of Dortmund
Faculty of Mechnical and Industrial Engineering

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