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Hey Steve,

It's been awhile since I used Bridgeworks, but I remember that we usually did not check supports. With lightyear we used to check every part also. We now have enough experience to know which part supports need to be edited.

If you are going to the 3D Systems North American Stereolithography Users' Conference you can discuss this issue face to face with 3D Systems. Also, send an e-mail to Patti Brown ( and discribe your problem so that we can discuss this at the 3D wishlist panel! If you e-mail them now they will have the information for you at the conference.

In response to Brad, we set the MSA at 30. On some parts we go as high as 46.


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> Hi, all -
> After many years of using Bridgeworks to do our supports, we have been
> testing the finepoints supports in 3D's LightYear. Our guys have been
> working with 3D on a lot of issues, but the biggest one is that so much
> geometry winds up not being supported that we have to spend a much greater
> amount of time manually examining every part and its supports before each
> run. 3D has been of very limited help, says they "are working on the
> problems".
> With Bridgeworks, we had tuned a lot of parameters and gotten to a point
> where we virtually never had non-supported geometry, and had largely
> automated our setup/supporting process.
> I am relatively certain that we can't be the only ones who are having this
> problem. Are we missing something here? Anybody have suggestions or
> experiences to share?
> Thanks,
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