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Date: Thu Feb 01 2001 - 23:49:35 EET

Hi Steve,

I would like to clarify some of the issues you have raised with our

1> You mentioned in your comment that 'Geomagic arbitrarily throws
away points'. This statement is not true. Our customers load files
which have more than 5 million points (including color data) and all
the points get loaded into the software. I think you might be having a
usage issue which we will be more than happy to address.
2> You also mentioned 'throws away points to meet its built in limit'.
Let me assure you that there is no Software limitation to the number
of points which you can load or process.

Just to give you a perspective, our customers have made NURBS models
from point data of the entire 'Engine Block' as well as a 'Turbine
Blade' with all the internal piping (There was no need to segment the
model). Do give us a call at '919-474-3036' or e-mail us at
'' and we will guide you through your issues.

Thanks & regards,


Kaiomarz Dotivala
QA/Support Manager Phone: (919)474-3036
Raindrop Geomagic Inc., Fax: (919)474-0216

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More about Paraform's Points to Polys free software: I find it works
large data sets well if you divide your point cloud into sub-objects
polygonizing. For example, if you scan an entire car, cut out
componants such
as the bumper, hood, mirrors, etc. into individual point clouds before
polygonizing. This allows Paraform to handle large clouds without
and losing point data, and seems to work better for me than Geomagic
arbitrarily throws away points to meet its built in limit.


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