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Date: Fri Feb 02 2001 - 01:56:33 EET

Hi all:
   In answer to Keltool questions from Fusion Engineering (Keltool Licensee)
We are currently able to do cavity blocks around 10 inches by 6 inches by about 4 inches. the volume cannot exceed about 144 cu in. This is mostly due to the size restrictions of the furnacing equipment. We have also discovered that because the material cost is very high for the Keltool material, it naturally prices itself out of the market at about that size. We have also discovered that is it more practical on larger jobs to use the Keltool as a sub-insert into the cavity blocks (to eliminate bunches of electrodes). Then make the cavities using conventional high speed machining and EDM. This seems to be the most cost effective method. In addition the accuracy is much higher since the individual blocks are kept smaller. This is a natural evolution of the product based on many hundreds of molds built and adventures into the process over too many years to count. We use the process only where it is likely to save electrode making and burning time. I hope this information is of v!
alue to you.
Bob Morton
Partner/ Director of technology
Industrial Molds Inc Fusion Engineering Division.

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