Electrodes from Thermojet

From: Brad Fox (bfox@rapid-design.com)
Date: Fri Feb 02 2001 - 22:10:14 EET

Noticed that there is considerable conversation on the topic of EDM electrodes ... as well as Thermojet.

For those interested (I'm trying not to make this a commercial) our company has seen some interesting results from COMBINING these two technologies together. The process is this:

1) Create the electrode in CAD
2) Use CAD (or also Magics works VERY nice here) to reverse the image with the outside being a box. You now have a "box" to which if you poured a substance into it, the pouring would take the shape of the electrode from step 1.
3) Build the "box" with the electrode detail inside it in THERMOJET.
4) We can then use the TJet "box" and pour our CuW material into it - i.e. process it into a CuW electrode.

The surface finish and quality is very, very good - as per the customers that have tried it.

I have PICTURES of a sample project we did and I can send those to anyone interested. Just drop me an email and I'll send them to you. (This way I don't "clog" up the rp-ml by attaching them here to this email.).

The pictures show the "box" made in Thermojet - and the resulting electrode out of CuW.

Thanks for the indulgence - hope the info is helpful.

Brad Fox
Rapid Design & Tooling Center

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