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    Here is the definition/description from our "What is a Fabber" page

    A fabber (short for "digital fabricator") is a "factory in a box" that
makes things automatically from digital data. Fabbers generate
three-dimensional, solid objects you can hold in your hands, submit to
testing, or assemble into working mechanisms. They are used by manufacturers
around the world for low-volume production, prototyping, and mold mastering.
They are also used by scientists and surgeons for solid imaging, and by a
few modern artists for innovative computerized sculpture.

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> Message text written by Elaine Hunt
> >The Rapid Prototyping Report in 1992 defined RP as
> The Fabrication of a physical, three dimensional part of arbitrary shape
> directly from a numerical description (typically a CAD model) by a quick,
> highly automated and totally flexible process.
> Does this definition define what you do with rapid prototyping? Should it
> be expanded and if so how would you change it?<
> Elaine,
> I've been using the following to briefly define/describe RP:
> Rapid prototyping (RP) is a relatively new class of technology used for
> building physical models and prototype parts from 3D computer-aided design
> (CAD) data. Unlike CNC machines tools, which are subtractive in nature, RP
> systems join together liquid, powder and sheet materials to form complex
> parts. Layer by layer, RP machines fabricate plastic, wood, ceramic, and
> metal objects based on thin horizontal cross sections taken from a
> model.
> Terry

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