Re: rp definition

Date: Sat Feb 03 2001 - 18:32:30 EET

we sound like a bunch of winers trying to get our technology on top of the
rapid technologies heap.
Why don't we just define all of the Rapid Technologies as the tools that have
made our engineering lives alot more interesting and creative whether thru
additive or subtractive means.
Our industry has become the prefered method to drastically reduce the time
ideas take to get from the mind to the consumers hand. We have a long way to
go before we get to a star trek type machine. But we all play major parts in
getting our society to this level of product materialization. Thats why we
move ideas and solutions around on this great tool of our world wide web. I
enjoy and participate in the competition between the different technologies,
but the list of technologies that make our lives more interesting and
creative also includes 3d Softwares and 3d Digitizing along with the 3d
Printing, CNC, EDM, ...ect. So which came first the chicken or the egg. (Dont
answer this because now we have fake eggs that can go along with the unknown
meat SPAM)
Keep up the great conversation and competition.

John Irvin, President
NECO Incorporated
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We will find a way or Make one

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