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From: osman logoglu (
Date: Wed Feb 07 2001 - 19:01:00 EET

Hi guys,

I am Osman Logoglu, last year International Business Student in Arnhem
Business School, The Netherland.

Now, in my last semester of school, I just started with doing my graduation
assingment (thesis) in Rosti technical Plastic, Rosti Nederland BV
(producing high tech plastics opponents of telephones and medical devices,
all sort of luxory cases etc. Now I am trying to get general data of the
market and existing and potential products of the companies from all over
the world.

By this point, I needed your help and I am asking you whether you can send
some information about your view of market and your existing and potential
products, what do these products mean to your company and how do you see
the future of the sector and your company.

Moreover, I need a little bit deeper information about your company, like
what is the problems, opportunities, possibilities etc (to make a swot
analysis and to find out the general advantages and disadvantages in the

It is may be a bit of time for you, but all the single information you can
give me will help me a lot.

I tank you in advance and If you have any question you should not hesitate
to mail me.

Your Sincerely

Osman logoglu
International Business School

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