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Date: Thu Feb 08 2001 - 19:01:30 EET


To some extent this may also be happening with US domains. I can see in my
ATT RPML account that postings from members of AOL, sometimes don't get
distributed to my AOL account. Often my own postings don't get distributed
back to the AOL account from which they were posted.

I've been monitoring this for several months and it's definitely happening -
but not every time - maybe 30%?

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<< We, the subscribers of RP Mailing List from IIT Kanpur, India, are having
a problem while sending mails to RPML (my email: After
findling a lot I am able to find the cause of the problem. The problem is
that IIT Kanpur server is hidden behind a fire wall and no one can see it.
The rpml system after getting the mail tries to identify the server and
couldnot locate the host name from IP address and taking it as spurious mail
rejects the mail. This problem start coming since the time in RPML we get
multiple copies of the same mail and hence some corrective actions were
taken. It was temporarly overcome for some time and then it again resurfaced.
Can you please look into the matter and help us solve this problem? At our
end its getting difficult as they have enforced it as a policy matter and
finding it tough to change.
 I have requested Dr. Anshuman Razdan also and he had mailed to you on our
behalf also.

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