How does RP affect the Bottom Line

From: scott (
Date: Fri Feb 09 2001 - 04:55:52 EET

I am writing a research paper as part of my master program in Technology
Management on the business impacts of RP.

I have found a lots of case studies on individual products, but what Iím
looking for is how RP has changed the companies implementing this technology
into there product design process. I am interested in data like; average
reduced time to market for a family of products, how RP has affected a
businessís return on investment and profit, or how PR has resulting in new
business opportunities.

I would think there exist presentations for high-level managers that would
address these types of implementation benefits and show a cost Ė benefit

I appreciate any help!

Scott Newland
H 407-779-3717
W 407-727-6472

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