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Date: Fri Feb 09 2001 - 18:25:54 EET

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Hello RPML Community,

We have a customer that is requesting a part be built in .001" layer
thickness. He has informed us that he has been told (from a disclosed
source) that the SLA machines are capable of .001" layer thickness. Now my
question is has anyone been able to achieve that kind of layer thickness
repeatedly to successfully build a part. And be able to repeat that process
over and over to create an assembly.

Any and all opnion's good, bad and ugly will be appreciated.

Thank You

Archie Swanner
Roush Crucam
Rapid Prototype Department
(734)805-4470 - fax


The SLA7000 is capable of building at .001 layers. I have seen
some small parts that have been built that way, and they look
great. Not sure how it would be after a couple of inches.



Doug Mitchell
Ford Motor Company

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