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Date: Fri Feb 09 2001 - 19:24:50 EET

Yes I have built parts at 0.025 mm layer thickness and I even wanted to try
to slice 0.02 mm layers but Maestro does not allow this.

RPC resin allows me to do this because the Zwait and Zdip delay are both 0
seconds so that the additional cost are not that damaging to the clients

Unfortunately software limitations does not give me full control to improve
greatly on the Z height accuracy for going down to these thinner layers but
resolution is better.

And even when given a choice of paying for that layer thickness most
companies would still go for the cheapest option.

My own experience is that with correct software development the SLA could be
much more versatile than most users actually achieve.

What would be nice is to have a Research and Development licence agreement
with 3D to enable PERA to alter the software code and put in place our own
controls of how the build parameters can be tweaked.

Has your company anything to do with Roush UK ?

Jan Andrzejewski
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Subject: Layer Thickness

Hello RPML Community,

We have a customer that is requesting a part be built in .001" layer
thickness. He has informed us that he has been told (from a disclosed
source) that the SLA machines are capable of .001" layer thickness. Now my
question is has anyone been able to achieve that kind of layer thickness
repeatedly to successfully build a part. And be able to repeat that process
over and over to create an assembly.

Any and all opnion's good, bad and ugly will be appreciated.

Thank You

Archie Swanner
Roush Crucam
Rapid Prototype Department
(734)805-4470 - fax

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