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Date: Sat Feb 10 2001 - 00:31:16 EET

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> Folk
> Has any one used any software to easily translate a 3d dxf file into a
> surface file and then be able to generate a water tight stl file for print.
> thanks

We have a Dxf to Iges product (DXFtoIG) which will convert DXF face and mesh
to surfaces. Then our Iges-to-Stl product (IGtoSTL) can be used to
convert to STL.
IGtoSTL will fix up any poorly matched suface edges etc. to produce a valid
STL file.
Keep in mind: If the DXF is from a solid, the DXF will contain probably be
already faceted,
and so STL facet quality is mostly determined by the facet quality in the
AutoCad model.

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