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Date: Mon Feb 12 2001 - 18:29:36 EET


For the past three years I have worked for an engineering company that
housed an SLA machine. I sold service on the internal SLA machine as well as
any other prototyping services our customers needed. This covers every
conceivable method of making parts in all materials.

What I have done is remove myself form the engineering company and setup on
my own. This allows me more freedom to help my customers. I am no longer
pinned to the SLA machine we had internally.

My customers like the fact that I get competitive quotes for them, research
methods for them. manage projects for them. It saves their time and gets
them better results. Most companies do not have someone like me internally.

I hope this answers you questions.


Douglas Johnson
ProtoCall, LLC
Owner & Manager

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Thanks for the press release and congratulations.

Could you expand on a couple of questions I had. It appears that you are
starting a LLC as somewhat of a broker of RP services, is that correct? If
so, don't you have RP equipment in-house at present. I guess I don't
understand why you would set up a middle step to yourself. Please explain
where my misunderstanding is coming from.

Thanks again,

Carl Dekker

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Subject: Big news from Douglas Johnson...

I hope you're doing well. Attached is the press release for ProtoCall, LLC,
the answer to your prototyping needs. As one of my most important partners,
you are receiving this information first-hand.

I'm excited about establishing ProtoCall, LLC and the opportunities it
provides. Through ProtoCall, LLC, I can enhance your rapid prototyping
options with expanded capabilities including:

Though the attached release has yet to reach the media, I want you to have
this exciting news straight from the horses mouth, so to speak. Please be
assured there will be no interruption in the excellent service I provide
now. In fact, through ProtoCall, LLC I'm able to provide enhanced service
and better solutions to you. I value all my business relationships and am
proud to offer you expanded services and capabilities through ProtoCall,

All the projects currently in process under my direction will continue to be
handled promptly and professionally. If you have any questions or concerns,
just give me a call at ProtoCall, LLC (262) 446-3104.

I look forward to our continued work together and to exploring new
opportunities with you! Talk to you soon.

ProtoCall, LLC
Douglas Johnson, Owner & Manager
(262) 446-3104

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