From: PTE Distribution (
Date: Tue Feb 13 2001 - 00:47:59 EET


I got another message sent to me stating that I had
some kind of kornikova virus.

I am getting sick and F'in tired of this crap!!! Why
have a damn computer if you can't use it???
Fortunately my browser does not open my mail
immediately. I have to pick the email I want to open.

Will you please, please, please, check with you system
administrators and see how your anti virus software
reacts when it detects a virus. Also, don't open a
.vbs file THATS A VIRUS!!!!!!!!!! It is my
understanding that certain virus software
automatically sends the email back out to anyone who
may belong to the same email list.

I would say thank you but I'm pissed,

Derek Elliis
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