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Yes it does. I was not aware you did not have interests in your past

I do agree that the need is there for a consultant/outside expert to assist
and direct new/small companies to the appropriate technology. Many
engineers and others have been sold a "bill of goods" which was not desired
or needed and soured their taste of our still growing technology.

Best of luck and thanks for the reply,

Carl Dekker

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> Carl,
> For the past three years I have worked for an engineering company that
> housed an SLA machine. I sold service on the internal SLA machine as well
> any other prototyping services our customers needed. This covers every
> conceivable method of making parts in all materials.
> What I have done is remove myself form the engineering company and setup
> my own. This allows me more freedom to help my customers. I am no longer
> pinned to the SLA machine we had internally.
> My customers like the fact that I get competitive quotes for them,
> methods for them. manage projects for them. It saves their time and gets
> them better results. Most companies do not have someone like me
> I hope this answers you questions.
> Thanx,
> Douglas Johnson
> ProtoCall, LLC
> Owner & Manager
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> Doug,
> Thanks for the press release and congratulations.
> Could you expand on a couple of questions I had. It appears that you are
> starting a LLC as somewhat of a broker of RP services, is that correct?
> so, don't you have RP equipment in-house at present. I guess I don't
> understand why you would set up a middle step to yourself. Please explain
> where my misunderstanding is coming from.
> Thanks again,
> Carl Dekker
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> I hope you're doing well. Attached is the press release for ProtoCall,
> the answer to your prototyping needs. As one of my most important
> you are receiving this information first-hand.
> I'm excited about establishing ProtoCall, LLC and the opportunities it
> provides. Through ProtoCall, LLC, I can enhance your rapid prototyping
> options with expanded capabilities including:
> Though the attached release has yet to reach the media, I want you to have
> this exciting news straight from the horses mouth, so to speak. Please be
> assured there will be no interruption in the excellent service I provide
> now. In fact, through ProtoCall, LLC I'm able to provide enhanced service
> and better solutions to you. I value all my business relationships and am
> proud to offer you expanded services and capabilities through ProtoCall,
> LLC.
> All the projects currently in process under my direction will continue to
> handled promptly and professionally. If you have any questions or
> just give me a call at ProtoCall, LLC (262) 446-3104.
> I look forward to our continued work together and to exploring new
> opportunities with you! Talk to you soon.
> ProtoCall, LLC
> Douglas Johnson, Owner & Manager
> (262) 446-3104

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