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Date: Tue Feb 13 2001 - 03:29:47 EET

News Release-Monday, February 12-Glencoe, IL

Digital Manufacturing

Digital Jeweler, LLC is pleased to announce the successful beta introduction of
it's patent pending online jewelry manufacturing technology.

By providing real time server side manipulation of elastometric jewelry CAD
models, we have created a powerful, simple, and inexpensive way for jewelers
around the country to leverage the power of CAD/CAM technology without the
learning curve or investment in time and capital associated with current CAD/CAM
solutions. The elastometric models have goldsmith intelligence engineered into
them in order to guarantee a good result from a technical and aesthetic
perspective. Jewelers need only input the stone size requirements, finger size,
shank design and width, and various other pre-engineered options. For the first
time, salespeople and end users can design and manufacture custom jewelry
without the aid of a goldsmith or CAD engineer. No knowledge of either
goldsmithing techniques or the underlying CAD software is required.

Once the variables have been entered, Digital Jewelertm recreates the CAD model
to the specifications and outputs both rendered images and a rotatable file for
viewing. The jeweler then has the option of storing the results in an online
file cabinet for later retrieval or ordering the fully customized piece of
jewelry. If the order option is pursued, Digital Jeweler, LLC then creates a
castable wax pattern using Rapid Manufacturing 3D printing technology, casts the
wax in precious metal, and ships the polished mounting to the jeweler in 6 days
ready for stone setting. Other options include the purchase of the side or
center gemstones and Digital Jewelertm will set these purchased stones prior to

Steven Pollack, president of Digital Jeweler, LLC in conjunction with technology
partner Configure One, LLC, Oak Brook, IL. have created the means for mass
customization in a highly scalable internet environment.

Members of the jewelry trade can access an online demonstration at:

Digital Jeweler, LLC is a jewelry manufacturing company with expertise in
CAD/CAM technologies and jewelry design. The company is located at:

660 Vernon Ave.
Glencoe, IL 60022

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