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From: Thomas G. Loebig (
Date: Tue Feb 13 2001 - 20:14:31 EET

If you are using Outlook Express, try using MS Outlook (2000 version) for
email instead. I had been using Outlook Express 5.0 until about a month ago
when I received a file with a virus. I use McAfee VirusScan and it was
running. McAfee did not detect the virus until I had selected the offending
email in Express. I was not infected per the description for that specific
virus, but some files were deleted and I had to endure some downtime to
ensure that I was ok and to replace the missing files. When using Outlook,
the scanner sees the virus BEFORE you select the email (for known viruses of
course) and flags the file in your inbox.

It seems that Outlook is designed to work in conjunction with the virus
scanner. I say this because 1) Express does not have any explicit commands
for accessing a virus scanner, where Outlook does and 2) because of my
personal experience. Outlook may not be as fast and easy to use as Express,
but the extra protection is worth it.

just my $.02 (OK maybe I'm up to $.04 now)

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