Check out the new Craftsman 3-D sander!

From: SiderWhite (
Date: Wed Feb 14 2001 - 05:14:29 EET

Just saw this neat 3-D sander advertised in this month's Popular Science. It
runs $49.99 retail and has 3 floating sanding heads, sort of like a Norelco
electric shaver. It looks to be a good product for sanding contoured RP
models. Has anybody tried this tool out yet?
Here are some spec's on it and a website for it:

Glenn Whiteside

Craftsman 0.5 amp 3D Sander

Variable speed, 800-2600 rpm, bevel gearing, 240/150/100 grit, hook and loop
sand paper mounting, 150 medium disc grit, plug in disc mounting, 3 x
1-13/20 in. disc size. Turning pad motion, 8 ft. cord, adjustable speed
dial, on/off variable speed dial, new triangle design handle, plastic
housing, 110-120v ac, fully assembled.
Sears Item #: 00911633
Mfr. Model #: 11633
This item typically ships within 2 business days.

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