An Antivirus Policy Suggestion for the RPML

From: Rafael Santillan (
Date: Thu Feb 15 2001 - 03:06:53 EET

Dear Listers
Since the virus problem is back again and will be back
some other several times I had to acquire the
precaution to erase all the emails that comes with an
attachment from people of the list that I do not
remember or when the header is not RP related or even
the ones without title or header.

So I do suggest if someone is sending an email from or
within the RPML list include on the header or title of
the email any RP word (could even be the RP acronym
at the beginning of the title). this will apply manly
for the tiles when it is not obvious that the email is
RP related.
This practice will help every body to identify an
email which was positively created for the list with a
specific purpose, on the other hand we should try to do
not send email without header or title since this
becomes suspicious.

If someone has better ideas I will be more than happy
to hear them and apply on the sake to improve safety.

NOTE I do apologize for my bad grammar and spelling

best regards.

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