Re: Dipping parts in rubber

From: Doug Groh (
Date: Mon Feb 19 2001 - 15:45:25 EET

As a former 3D employee, I only remember one rubber material. That was a
spray on material that was available at Home Depot. It did an ok job. It
was nothing that I myself was impressed with. If anybody else knows of any
other material that may have been employed, Please comment.
Doug Groh

rees wrote:

> Hello LIst,
> I've read several times on this list about people dipping rp parts,
> especially thermojet and 3d printing parts, in rubber. I have a couple
> of questions about it.
> 1. How do you handle the drips and puddles as the rubber hardens?
> 2. Is this with "do it yourself" material or a company that offers this
> process industrially.
> 3. What is the "do it yourself" material.
> 4. ARe there any companies in the New York City area that employ this
> process industrially?
> Many thanks for your responses in advance. Please respond to my email
> unless you think the general list will be interested.
> michaelrees
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