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Date: Tue Feb 20 2001 - 07:27:44 EET

At 08:33 PM 2/19/01 -0500, Steven Adler \( A3DM \) wrote
>I was thinking more of a marker in the STL file, like those now being used
>to denote STL Color. A single bit that would prompt an advisory that you are
>about to infringe on a copyright if reproduced without authorization. like
>the symbol used in text, At this juncture it is a "free for all" with 3D
>Dimensional Digital Objects being traded like music and audio content on the
>Web without royalty.......
1) Place your comment in the 80-character header or the stl file.
2) Zip the file, adding a comment that prints out when unzipped.
3) Or, better yet, do it like with real parts: place your mark in the
   geometry. Big, to identify the parts, or very small to identify
   the stl file. Or both. Removal would require the conscious effort
   of the infringer.

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