How does RP affect the Bottom Line

From: scott (
Date: Wed Feb 21 2001 - 04:24:16 EET

I am writing a research paper as part of my master program in Technology
Management on the business impacts of RP.

I have found a lots of case studies on how RP has affected individual
products, but what Iím looking for is how RP has changed the companies
implementing this technology into there product design process. I am
interested in data like; average reduced time to market for a family of
products, how RP has affected a businessís return on investment and profit,
or how PR has resulting in new business opportunities.

I would think there exist presentations for high-level managers deciding on
implementing RP would address these types of implementation benefits and
show a cost Ė benefit analysis.

I appreciate any help!

The only reward I can offer is that I will share my final paper with you in

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