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Date: Wed Feb 21 2001 - 18:37:35 EET

I love it when the lawyers make a big deal over something and wind up tripping
over there ties. Didn't they accomplish something good for the company! Ha! I'll
bet the parents of those kids don't buy a lot of Disney stuff.
Doug Groh

"Eifert, Dan" wrote:

> The interesting ending to that story was that Universal Studios heard about
> the school and sent some of their own artists to the school to help paint
> over the Disney characters and replace them with Looney Tunes which
> Universal owns. So instead of Mickey, Minnie and that gang the kids enjoyed
> Bugs Bunny and his gang.
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> An example of the lengths to which Disney defends its copyrights was in
> Florida in the 80's. A daycare center had a mural on one of its playground
> walls with disney characters. Disney threatened legal action to make them
> either paint it over or pay royalties.
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