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From: Mark Wynn (
Date: Thu Feb 22 2001 - 20:18:41 EET

Hi Scott,

We have a Vapor Blast machine and we are quite happy with the finish
it provides and the manpower it saves. We use a crushed glass media
that is between an 80 - 120 mesh size. It is similar in consistency to a baking soda.
It provides a uniform, frosted glass like, finish with out taking off too much material (it takes
off very little in fact).
Of course we make small electrical components... if your parts are larger in size
you may want to use a more course / or different type of media.
If your interested, here is the address for the company.

Vapor Blast Manufacturing Co.
3025 W. Atkins Ave.
Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53209
Phone: 414-871-6500
Fax: 414-871-7683

If you have any other question feel free to contact me directly.

Mark Wynn
Yazaki North America Inc.
Canton, Michigan
Phone: 734-983-1702
Fax: 734-983-1703

>>> "Spangler, Michael S" <> 02/22/01 11:21AM >>>
Dear RPML,

I am looking for a new Bead Blaster, we have a 250/50
and would use it for our part finishing.
If you have any sources or advice, I would appreciate it.
such as what bead size, and type would work for a standard

Thank you in advance!


Michael S. Spangler Raytheon Technical
Mechanical Engineer Services Company
Stereolithography Engineering & Production
Mechanical Design Support
& Integration 6125 E. 21st st. (MS 43)
(317) 306-2442 Indianapolis, Indiana
(317) 306-2725 46219-2058

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