Re: RP's effect on culture?

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Date: Fri Feb 23 2001 - 00:43:47 EET

I sense that you are vying for a rhetorical discussion?...:-)
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  Dear Matthijs Siljee,
  What is culture?

  In this case I believe "culture" means the concepts, habits, skills, art, instruments, institutions, of a given people in a given; civilization.

  best, michaelrees

  Matthijs Siljee wrote:

    Dear list member,
    Currently I am looking for publications or research about the effect of RP on our material culture, trends in design, styling, semiotics, etc.

  I was unfamiliar with the term "semiotics" which means of signs or sign language.

  This mailing list has had many long and involved discussions about the semantics of the term "RP". The RPML Archives are probably the largest source of published material in this field.

  Personally I feel that RP has changed the social dynamics of object making in some very profound ways. Particularly in the respect that it has significantly reduced the cost of making a unique item.

  Best Regards

  Greg Pettengill

    If you could refer me to relevant material I would be most obliged.

    With thanks,

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