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* Word for Word: Chuck Jones
* Top New Releases for Sale: "Ruby Bridges," "Dinosaur," "Here Comes
Clifford," "Blue's Clues: All Kinds of Signs"
* In the DVD Spotlight
* Other Noted VHS Releases
* "Thunderbirds"
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"I never knew anything about shooting a rabbit, but I know a great deal
about not shooting one, and that's the whole point."

--Chuck Jones on his Looney Tunes cartoons. Read more in our interview with
the elder statesman of animation

"Ruby Bridges"
Youngsters may look at the story of "Ruby Bridges" as fantasy. The true
story of the 6-year-old girl--let's say that again--the 6-year-old girl who
helped defeat segregation is the stuff of great postfilm discussions for
youngsters who wonder what they would do in such an incredible situation.
This made-for-Disney-TV film from acclaimed director Euzhan Palcy ("A Dry
White Season") is a keeper.

You've never seen a dinosaur like Aladar. The star of Disney's
computer-animated film "Dinosaur" is an amazing creation that puts the
likes of Cecil and Dino in their place. "Dinosaur" is the new king of the
mountain, and this PG-rated marvel will be a favorite for your fossil
finder age 7 and up. Also available on DVD in a standard edition and
collector's edition.

"Here Comes Clifford"
Emily Elizabeth has a big red dog--the biggest, reddest dog on her street,
and his name is Clifford. A fixture in kids' homes with the bestselling
series of books and the popular PBS show, "Clifford" has been a
hard-to-find video in the past few years until now, with two 45-minute
videos containing four shows each: "Here Comes Clifford" and "Clifford's
Best Friends."

"Blue's Clues - All Kinds of Signs"
Blue is at it again. In "Blue's Clues: All Kinds of Signs," the famed TV
mutt and her owner Steve teach easy lessons on working with sign language.
Oscar winner Marlee Matlin visits Nick Jr.'s award-winning show for

"Baby Van Gogh"
Like their award-winning "digital board books" (including "Baby Mozart"),
the Baby Einstein Company's "Baby Van Gogh" is a creative and engaging DVD
to view with your 1- to 4-year-old. A new puppet--Vincent Van
Goat--introduces the six primary colors and associates them with Van Gogh's
paintings--Starry Night for blue, Wheat Fields with Reaper for yellow.

These Favorites Are Either New to Video or Have Recently Been Repriced

"There Goes a Tractor"
Continuation of Dave Hood's popular series.

"Digimon: The Movie"
For your digi-kids.

"A Little Princess"
Glowing adaptation that's a classic in its own right.

"Thomas the Tank Engine: Thomas' Trackside Tunes"
Even comes with a toy train car.

"Baby Van Gogh"
The Baby Einstein folks with their latest puppet, Vincent Van Goat.

"Sailor Moon: Introducing Sailor Jupiter"
The latest chapter of Sailor Scout tales from their first TV series.

"My Dog Skip"
Last year's best theatrical film for families, now at a lower price
(but you still have to provide your own Kleenex).

FAB: Gerry Anderson on "Thunderbirds"

The FAB-ulous "Thunderbirds" are back on the small screen, bringing with
them a wave of nostalgia that will have the grownups taking a trip down
memory lane while a whole new generation of kids discover the delights of
Tracey Island. Children's Video editor Susan Harrison talks to
the series creator, Gerry Anderson, about this popular British import.

Read more

Shelley Duvall's enormously entertaining "Faerie Tale Theatre" series was
a delight to watch on HBO from 1982 to 1987. The subsequent release on
video was a pleasure (and loaded with stars like Robin Williams as the Frog
Prince, Carrie Fisher as the Little Mermaid, Jeff Goldblum as the Big Bad
Wolf, and Bernadette Peters as Sleeping Beauty). But for years the series
has been hard to find on VHS--until now. With Marketplace
merchants, you can buy used and collectible versions of these out-of-print
videos. Simply find your favorite episode in our browse list and look for
the yellow-and-blue box in the middle of the page for directions on how to
buy (or sell) these hard-to-find favorites.
Order These Titles Now, and We'll Ship Them to You as Soon as They're

"The Little Vampire"
Jonathan Lipnicki (the kid from "Stuart Little") and his new friend,
with teeth.

"Lady and the Tramp II: Scamp's Adventure"
Disney's latest made-for-video sequel.

"Remember the Titans"
Gridiron integration drama featuring Denzel Washington.

"Rugrats in Paris: The Movie"
The diaper crew in the City of Light.

"Winning London"
Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen at Big Ben.

You'll find more great videos, articles, and interviews in's Kids & Family Video section.

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