RE: RP's effect on culture?

From: Nuno Reis (
Date: Fri Feb 23 2001 - 05:00:52 EET

In short: Culture is a manifestation of human intellectual achievement
regarded collectively! ... and I'd also be keen on learning what the fine
ladies and gentlemen monitoring this list may come up with ... if, of
course!, they're willing to do so...


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      As an artist, I think you ought to be able to answer this question for
the rest of us =)


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    Dear Matthijs Siljee,
    What is culture?

    best, michaelrees

    Matthijs Siljee wrote:

      Dear list member,
      Currently I am looking for publications or research about the effect
of RP on our material culture, trends in design, styling, semiotics, etc.

      If you could refer me to relevant material I would be most obliged.

      With thanks,

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