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We are choosing the cyclone 36" Sandblaster (plastic) for $258.95 plus
additional parts and media.
No I did not see any parts the bottom line is I needed a total system for
$600.00 or less to stay in the given budget.

$258.95 Cyclone model AD803-0036.
$187.00 DC1500 Cyclone Dust Collector.
$35.00 (10)Mylar Window protective sheets.
$89.00 Foot Pedal 2031G.
$58.67 Al/Oxide Mcmaster(70-270mesh)(120grit)(50 lb).

Total $628.62

I went slightly over the allocated budget but
I believe it will be acceptable, other options were

$522.00 McMaster-Carr unit with vac.
$584.00 Grainger (Econoline) w/o vac.

They were both similar and Steel instead of plastic.
We are low volume with only 2 users, so I don't believe the material the
units are made of should be a concern if handled with care.

Company Info:

Cyclone Blasting Systems
P.O. Box 815
Dowagiac, Michigan 49047
Phone: 1-877-331-5931
Fax:(616) 782-9623

I will purchase it through

Thanks Again

For Everyone's help

Michael S. Spangler Raytheon Technical
Mechanical Engineer Services Company
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& Integration 6125 E. 21st st. (MS 43)
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     Which one did you decide on and why? Did you see any parts that were
blasted using the system you chose?
If it is not Vapor Blast could you send me the Company Info and Contact
Name. I would like to invite them to be a vendor at the User Group next


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