Re: RP's effect on culture?

From: Brock Hinzmann (
Date: Fri Feb 23 2001 - 17:51:59 EET


Culture has many definitions (including that stuff growing in a petri
dish), but I think the Websterian ones he's after are:

development, improvement, or refinement of the mind, emotions, interest,
manners, taste, etc. and

the ideas, customs, skills, arts, etc., of a given people in a given
place or time.

To that extent, I doubt anyone has compiled an analysis of how the
ability to churn out more stuff faster has affected the culture of any one
society, such as that in the wealthy industrial countries, or how that has, in
turn, affected the cultures of other peoples around the world. Or how RP
has affected corporate culture and the expectation, in some cases, that we
can churn out more stuff faster or, in other cases, better products in the
same time. Or how RP artists in one culture may gradually be extending
their reach to other cultures.

I did not get the time to visit the on-line conference conversation on RP
and art, but perhaps someone who did can reconstruct any cultural
influences that were discussed there.

Brock HInzmann
rees wrote:
>Dear Matthijs Siljee,
>What is culture?
>best, michaelrees
>Matthijs Siljee wrote:
>Dear list member,
>Currently I am looking for publications or research about the effect of
>on our material culture, trends in design, styling, semiotics, etc.
>If you could refer me to relevant material I would be most obliged.
>With thanks,
>Matthijs Siljee
>School of Design
>Massey University, Wellington Campus
>Privat box 756
>New Zealand
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