Expand Your Prototyping Capabilities

From: Cindy A. Simon (Csimon@materialise.com)
Date: Tue Feb 27 2001 - 20:37:19 EET

Join These Solution Partners.....

MCP Systems - Vacuum Casting in Prototype Parts
Materialise - CAD Software for Design & Tooling Solutions
3D Systems - SLA for Master Patterns for Parts, Cores & Cavities
Vantico - Materials Solutions for Casting and Mold

Expand Your Prototyping Capabilities - Hands-On Workshops & Demonstrations
(2 different, half-day sessions. Learn how to improve your company's
competitive advantages.)

I. Vacuum Casting for Speed, Quality & Versatility in Prototype Plastic
        - Finish Patterns
        - Set Up Silicone Molds
        - Increase Productivity in your model shop
        - Turn Around Prototype Parts Faster
II. VaC.A.T.‘ tooling for Injection Molding Inserts
        - Rapid Development for Molding Inserts
        - Translating CAD data for parts into tooling design
        - Fabricating master patterns for core & cavity
        - Casting EP-250‘tool inserts
        - Producing production-intent thermoplastic parts

Workshop Dates: February 28 & March 27

Location: MCP Systems' Farmington Hills, MI Demonstration Center

Phone 800.627.0222 to reserve your seat.

Thank you,

Cindy A. Simon
6111 Jackson Road
Ann Arbor, MI 48103
734.662.7891 Fax

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