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From: Matthijs Siljee (M.N.Siljee@massey.ac.nz)
Date: Wed Feb 28 2001 - 01:16:54 EET

Thanks to all you enthousiastic respondents for elaborating on the meaning of the word culture, after Michael Rees' effective stimulus. This is interesting indeed.

In the history of industrial design (as a form of applied art,) changes in technological possibilities were amongst factors influencing a collective taste, trends in aesthetics, as well as the values that products represent for groups of people.
What I'm curious about is: will RP change what products (objects) look like?
Will there be changes in a possible collective taste? (=our industrial designers, stylists, consumers or other "communities")
Most interesting for me at the moment: Has this topic already been described in existing publications.

Though I realise that the sometimes "helpless" terminology above is always subjec to linguistic scrutiny, I hope that between the lines my intentions come across to those who might help me.
So far, Marshall Burns, Ian Gibson, Brock HinzmannDoty Mike, Greg Pettengill, Michael Rees,Nono Reis and others, thank you for your contributions!

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