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Date: Thu Mar 01 2001 - 13:08:13 EET

I recommend Anshuman Razdan's site for a comprehensive list of products. <>
Check out Delcam's CopyCAD on <> (or <> ). CopyCAD is a tool which allows
you to quickly produce smooth surfaces from a variety of data types (whether
it be points or triangle models). We also have a wizard which reads point
clouds and asks a couple of simple questions before creating an optimised
triangle model.
We have a strong working relationship with Renishaw, who produce the most
successful reverse engineering scanner in the world (called Cyclone). This
is a touch trigger system and hence the result is accurate clean, noise free
CopyCAD and the Cyclone are a combination you should look into.
I hope that this is of some use to you
Best Regards
Chris Lawrie

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Dear RP-ML,
What are the opinions and experiences on the best digitizing (scanners /
cmm's, etc..) and software for converting point clouds to useable geometry
such as solid models?
Is there a combination of machine and software that work very well together?
With great appreciation to the list,
Jim Pike
Sturm Inc. <> <>

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