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I had numerous responses. Thanks to all who helped.

The best answer was:

Wright-Patterson Air Force Base is involved with the CAESAR project. (3-D
Anthropometric Database)

A quick summary of CAESAR is below:
Anthropometry is the study of human body measurements. The term includes the
actual process of measurements, the recording of data, data summarization,
documentation, and manipulation for various analyses. The CAESARTM project
will generate a database of human physical dimensions for men and women of
various weights, between the ages of 18 and 65. A total of 4,000 people in
the United States and 4,000 in Europe will be measured.

Although the CAESAR project is not completed the AirForce card lab is
willing to sell some data they have collected. They've got 200 male and
200 feamale heads scanned. They will sell the scan data for $1500.00 per
set of 200. The only problem is that all of their data is collected from
people in the Dayton Ohio area. Not necessarily a good cross section of
all ethnic backgrounds.

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