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From: Zubrickie, Robert F (
Date: Fri Mar 02 2001 - 14:54:24 EET

        At one time I had two of my SLA 250s just 10 feet from a 75 ton mold
press and 20 feet from a 50 ton mold press. As the mold presses would cycle
you could see the reflection of light in the surface of the resin shake.
Just like you, I was extremely concerned, but I also had no quality
problems. I remember when I ran a Wire EDM and the quality issues due to
vibration and this was a major concern for that technology. As for quality /
accuracy issue of vibration of resin, I believe there just might be a bright
side to this. I can't prove this but the resin seemed to level out better
due to the vibrations. In fact I was thinking of hooking up a vibration unit
to the side of my tank and have it operational during the recoat cycle. As
you might already know there are many other quality / accuracy issues with
this technology which need attention. I can relate to what you are trying to
do. Keep that noisy humming thing away from your machine. Wait, I know, tell
the people who want to install this vibrating unit that they can only run it
during your recoat cycles.

        Bob Zubrickie
                Tyco Electronics

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Our company has chosen to locate a vibration table within in about 60 feet
of our machine. I am trying to convince them not to do this but I am not
sure they want to hear what I have to say. My question is; has anybody had
any experience with excess vibration near their machine? They are telling
me that they will isolate this vibe table but I am still not sure. Any
comments and/or suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.

Jeff Narva
Raytheon Systems-Indpls

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