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Date: Fri Mar 02 2001 - 22:42:15 EET

2000- 2001 Educational R P & M Research Profile Update

This profile will be offered by Clemson University to the educational and
industrial community free of charge. If you wish your research to be listed
and communicated please respond by March 15th. You may attach documents,
publications, web sites, or other data you wish to share.

Educational Institution Name:
  Contact person:
  City & State & Zip:

1. Number of faculty, department, and rank involved in RP?
(List subject all areas of RP interest or research and contact persons,
addresses, phone numbers, email, etc.:)

2. Number of publications: (List authors, titles, publication sources)

3. Number of patents: (patent number, country, year, inventor)

4. Number of students working and graduated: (degree granted, year)

5. Department housing RP Equipment: (Number of staff supporting RP work
(list full time/part-time/student workers)

6. Number and Vendor of RP systems: (State how many and year of
installation or development.)

7. What RP system do you plan to add this year? If none why?

8. Number of courses offered teaching RP: (Please state department, course
title, and number)

9. How is your work funded: (Consortia, governmental agency, private, etc.)

10. Your biggest hurdle to overcome with RP and education:

11. Your biggest success with RP?

12. Explain how your research will impact the RP world in the next three years:

13. Are you willing for your information to be published? In what form:
Electronic, hard copy, CD, all of the above?

Please share a copy to any person who is doing research in RP&M.

Opinions, suggestions, and other controversial matter VOID where prohibited.

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