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Date: Mon Mar 05 2001 - 08:40:08 EET

Alain BERNARD wrote:

> I am also interseting in the structure of such a file.
> Is there a color parameter (between 1 and 256 for example) associated to each of the triangles ?

Chers amis de la RP-ML,

there are currently 2 softwares which are able to produce and to modify STL colored triangles:
MAGICS RP and TNO STL Painter (trial versions available on line).
They can only to allocate one color for one triangle. And the number of available colors for a triangle is limited (It's more than 256, I don't remember exactly), but
each triangle can have its own color.
As far as I know, the Zcorp machine software can read VRML and PLY format, but can't read these formats if there is a texture linked to them.
With my friend and colleague Stewart Dickson (who is a good computer sculptor and programmer) we are currently trying to realise some "robosculptures" with the Zcorp
color machine. We will keep you informed about.
Stewart have succeeded last year in building a very nice kind of moebius piece with a mapped "snake skin". He had to write a little program to allocate each good
color in each good triangle.
We can thanks Z corp people for their interest in buildind artistic parts; with our imagination we are asking difficult questions which become a challenge for
engineers...This is a good transdiciplinary collaboration.

Bien cordialement.

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