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Date: Tue Mar 06 2001 - 04:21:18 EET

3DStudio Max animates by changing the parameters of the model to different values in the frames at the beginning and the end of the morph segment of the animation. The intermediate frames can be viewed and saved as separate .stl files showing the progression of the morph. A CAD program would require this animation capability to do the same thing. The model could be copied and the parameters manually adjusted for each step of the morph. Morphing also requires that the surfaces of the beginning and ending models have 1 to 1 correspondence of their control points (vertices). I seem to remember some third party programs out there which will morph surfaced models which meet this condition (try to find them).

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> Hello,
> Is it possible to morph between models in CAD based modeling
> programs? I'd like to morph between two objects and create
> solid models from some of the intermediate steps.
> I know it's possible to animate morphing between objects in
> many 3D packages, such as Alias and 3DStudio Max, but I'm unsure
> whether this is possible with programs used to make solid models.
> Thank you,
> Katy
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