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Date: Thu Mar 08 2001 - 00:57:38 EET

Hello all,

It is to my understanding that there may be some
problems arranging the shuttle to the palacial Hilton
Sandestin Beach and Golf Resort.

Tom (site cooridnator, "T-Bone") Sorovetz has directed
me to pass along the following information.

DO NOT USE..........REPEATING.......DO NOT USE the 888
telephone number.

Instead use the 850.230.0000 number, or if it were me,
I would contact them at and
request a return response, or print out the email you
sent to "C.Y.A.".

Furthermore, as of Friday the 9th of March, any rooms
available for government employees will be let go to
the general attending public at the negotiated rate of
$125.00 an evening.


Updated weather forecast..........Upper 70's beginning
at the golf outing on Saturday..(remember it's St.
Patty's Day)to the mid 80's every day until Friday the
23rd of March. Evening temps.,....upper 60's (or no
need to wear a jacket).

For you fisherman, reports from the charter boats
confirm they are catching mahi-mahi as big as your leg
in the gulf.

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