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The protein data bank file (PDB) specifies the center of
the atoms and the types of atoms. The atoms have
pre-defined radii, but they are not specified in the PDB file.

To compute the a molecular surface or a solvent accessible
surface from a PDB file, you need a specialized software.
I wrote one 4 years ago, but I am not sure it
still runs. If you send me the data, we can try it.
You can check out the site
and click on gallary, all molecules displayed are computed
from PDB files.

If you want to print it, you need a STL file. If you want
to machine it, you need a NURBS surface in IGES format.
Both can be done using Geomagic Studio by Raindrop Geomagic.

Ping Fu


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Hi Rapid Prototypers.

I've got an interesting problem. I'm trying to convert a scientific file
type *.pdb or others (MMDB ASN.1) into a machineable file format. I am
pretty confident that pdb files are three dimensional. Most of these
files are not designed to be manufactured though I am pretty sure they
contain at least surface data.

pdb stands for protein data bank. You guessed it, I'm trying to machine
or prototype proteins.

1. does any one have a clue about how to go about this?
2. hire a programmer?
3. anyone been done this road before?

any help is much apprecaited

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