Re: gray scale recognitaion?

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Date: Fri Mar 16 2001 - 00:36:08 EET

Hi Carl

There are companies that offer this services like this
check this out

however the final face is not excactly the same as
the real one you can obtain from laser scanning because
the image is made by hand by Cad artists, so is only
a good approach (we may say a very good approach).

I am actually doing some experiments with Shape Capture
which uses the same principle (photogrammetry), but the
photgraph has to be taken together with a mesh
projected over the face.
If it does work as I do expect the quality will be
better and the face will be exactly as the one
by the way this method does require more than one
shoot so we can manipulate 2 or 3 images to create the
solid part.


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> RP-ML,
> I have a client looking for someone who can do the
creation of a 3d file > from a photo of a persons
face. They would be looking to take the file > and
make a part from it, possibly via Vacuum forming.
> I remember a thread regarding these applications some
time ago but could > not find anything in the
archives. Any help would be appreciated.
> Thanks
> Carl Dekker
> MET-L-FLO Inc.
> 2020 Dean St. Unit I
> Saint Charles, IL 60174
> 630-584-4500 ext. 227
> 630-584-0550 fax

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