APMM Launches Conference 2001 Website, www.APMM2001.com

From: Christopher Kuehl (chris@modelmakers.org)
Date: Mon Mar 19 2001 - 23:31:39 EET

APMM Launches Conference 2001 Website, www.APMM2001.com

March 19, 2001 – A new and essential website has just been launched!
www.APMM2001.com offers information about “Model Making Essentials for 2001
& Beyond”, the Association of Professional Model Makers Conference in
Pasadena, California on September 14-17, 2001.

The 2001 venues are the Art Center College of Design and the DoubleTree
hotel in Pasadena. Attendees and Vendor Attendees alike are invited to enjoy
four full days, dedicated to exciting model shop tours and technical
workshops. Friday and Monday will be dedicated days for a choice of model
shop tours to select premier locations such as Mattel, Walt Disney
Imagineering, Gentle Giant Studios, CTEK, Pacific Miniatures, TRW Space &
Electronics, Art Center College of Design, and the Jet Propulsion Lab.

Technical Essential Skills Workshops will be the focus on Saturday and
Sunday at DoubleTree and Art Center College of Design. Attendees will enjoy
ample time to interact with Vendors who are promoting their company’s
products and services on Sunday evening with Tabletops displays, in company
with the Sunday Evening Expo.

The Conference will open at the DoubleTree with a light-fare reception and
cash bar on Thursday evening. Friday evening’s Keynote dinner is offered to
Attendees, Vendor Attendees, and Guests.

Event highlights will include Sunday Evening’s Expo in the Fountain Ballroom
with Vendor Tabletops, Best Tricks Expo, Pinewood Derby, Bare Essentials
Derby, cash bar, award presentations, and valuable prize drawings, for a
full evening of exciting activities.

A newly designed Online Conference Registration system allows both Attendee
and Guest dining reservations to be made online at
www.APMM2001.com/register. Instant e-mail confirmations, along with
real-time Model Shop tour availability are just a few of the benefits of
registering online. Also, if you register before August 1st, you will
receive a free APMM Logo T-Shirt upon check-in at the Conference.

Everyone at the APMM looks forward to seeing you in Pasadena for the most
essential APMM Conference ever!

Cyndi Hoffpauer, Executive Director
Association of Professional Model Makers
Toll-Free: 877.663.APMM (2766)
E-mail: info@modelmakers.org

About the Association of Professional Model Makers
The APMM is dedicated to increasing the recognition of Model Making as a
highly skilled profession, integral to the design process. Its objective is
to promote the use of 3-D models in industry, science, entertainment, and
government by exchanging the latest information on technology, techniques,
and industry issues.

Model making material suppliers, student to professional model maker,
schools offering Model Making and related programs, and corporate supporters
participate in a variety of forums to help accomplish these goals.

The APMM Website at www.modelmakers.org contains articles of interest to the
model making industry, resources for material and equipment, school
listings, information on continuing education, events, membership, and The
Leading Edge quarterly newsletter. The Member’s Area features access to
employment classifieds, industry press releases, Individual, Model Shop,
Vendor and EDU member listings, technical discussion archives, and an
interactive update area for member data, services, and specialties.

For more information about the rp-ml, see http://ltk.hut.fi/rp-ml/

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