Re: Core Cavity Creation From STL

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Date: Fri Mar 23 2001 - 14:23:12 EET

Hello,Oliver Cole.

Magics RP from Materialise is the one you need, just 2 min to create
cavity, cores and spliting surface. However it is not an optimized
design, if you use miling techniques to machine, there will be undercuts
for complex and small partl; in these cases, you must use NURB surface
based method to design the mold.


Le Chi Hieu


Hi RP'ers

 I have an application where I want to create cavities, cores and split
lines from STL data quickly and easily.
What software should I be looking to buy? I want to RP the cavities not
mill them.
 Is it realistic to use STL data or should I be using something else?
As usual all responses gratefully recieved.

 Oliver Cole

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