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If you're considering the Thermojet you owe it to yourself to also find out
about the PatternMaster by Solidscape. It is slower than the Thermojet but
much less expensive to own and operate. The output is also much better
(smoother and more accurate). Also, they use two different materials for
supports and the actual pattern and the supports are dissolved in a warm
kerosene type bath. We have a Thermojet here which I have used and the
samples from the PatternMaster are MUCH better than anything the Thermojet
could achieve.

Some of their advertised specs are:
Envelope - 12" x 6" x 8.5"
Accuracy - +/-0.001" per inch across X, Y and Z directions
Surface Finish - 32-63 micro-inches (RMS)
Minimum Feature Size - .010"
Build Layer Thickness - .0005, .0010, .0015, .0020 and .0030 inches
Post-build Cleanup - None (after dissolving supports)
Casting Requirements - Negligible expansion, fast meltout, no ash or residue
Support contract includes print heads

You can call them at (01) 603-429-9700 or see the site at I've spoken with Rob McNamee here in Florida

As for removing the supports on a Thermojet part try freezing the part for
several hours (I used a break room freezer). They snap off more easily
then, but don't drop the master!

Dan Eifert
Lockheed Martin - Orlando
(407) 356-5789

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Hello list,
We are currently testing a 3D Systems Thermojet machine for wax pattern
building as an alternative to CastForm SLS. It yields quite nice results on
the not-supported surfaces, but the removing and finishing on the supported
area's makes it less "attractive". I would be very interested in sharing
experiences and tips on this. Thanks...

Wim Michiels, M. Sc. Materialise
Prototyping Sales Manager Technologielaan 15
Tel. +32 16 396 627 3001 Leuven, Belgium

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